Why Make a Custom Ring? Posted on 7 Feb 13:42 , 56 comments

There are so many jewelers out there, why design something different??  In fact, the jewelry business in the United States creates a viable part of our GDP along with generating huge numbers of jobs in each state.  These companies each brand individual ideas, looks and styles.  Isn't it more efficient to buy what is already tested and stylized by these professionals?

NOT NECESSARILY.  Each of us comes to design uniquely and some shoppers like the idea of being involved in the actual design process as a sense of personal expression.  Also, working with a designer is one of the most revealing ways to understand how jewelry is priced and made.  If you want to dispel any myths of creative design, jewelry pricing, understanding jewelry as a commodity or market...commission a piece.  The true honesty of the project will roll out before you.  If you want to get your money's worth, get involved in the process.

Most designers experience the most satisfaction being asked, well...to design.  To be given certain parameters on a commission, is a challenge which stimulates creative solutions in a designer.  Ideas such as "this is my father's signet ring and I want to redesign it for me" or "I've always wanted a 2 ct round blue sapphire ring", etc. is a dynamic starting point to begin creating from.

You also get what you pay for.  Research the credentials of any designer you are thinking about working with.  What awards have they won?  Who have they worked with?  A designer starting out will charge less than a veteran with awards under their belt.  Look at their portfolios to see quality and styling that you want.  Most designers will happily take an idea from one piece and apply it to another to create something that is BESPOKE to your interests.  

Get involved and be creative.  The experience is wonderful.