TAKE THE QUIZ! How to order the bridal jewelry YOU WANT best online Posted on 18 Dec 18:37 , 34 comments

When working with a jewelry designer, its best to have an idea of what you are looking for --- beyond: " I want an engagement ring."  So here is a short quiz to create answers. (Psst: You may want the "wearer" to take the quiz.  It can be problematic for one person to choose a surprise ring for their partner to wear!  We often have subversive calls from desperate future spouses to give their 2 cents into the process!) 

WHAT RING SCALE MAKES SENSE:  Is the person wearing the ring an athlete who would wear it during adventures?  A nurse who will wash their hands 100 times/day?  Do they want something to show off?  ...or are they low key?

WHAT STYLE DO THEY LIKE?  Do they live their lives very traditionally?  Classic furniture is their taste?  OR - do they dance to the beat of a different drummer?  In their style of dress.. is it clean lines with little decoration OR flowing scarves and hats?  Funky, classic, clean or embellished can head you in the right direction.

WHAT STONES MAKE SENSE:  What is the budget?  That is a first step.  Generally speaking you can get a wonderful ring at ANY price range.  I know that sounds hard to believe, but its true.  From $800 classic prong settings in 14K white gold with a solitaire sapphire... on up!!  Price all comes down to the type & quality of the gems and type of metal.  What center stone do you want?   I regularly use 18K white gold & platinum with diamonds for bridal jewelry for traditional & non-traditional future spouses.  A non-traditional bride/partner generally wants something different, such as a colored diamond, sapphire or ruby.  The Viewpoints Collection styles satisfy many non-traditional tastes with more to customize from a base design. Another way to go is two cool bands which they wear together instead of a solitaire/wedding band.  Some people like 1 cool ring to wear - period.  If they are non-traditional, we've got you covered. 

A traditional diamond ring:  $5,000. will usually get you 1 ct diamond solitaire center stone of good quality, set into an all gold mounting with Viewpoint Collection signature profile diamond accents.  With the new era of on-line diamond purchasing, I can compete with the most reputable sites AND give great security and service!  Many times, I save clients money buying a diamond just under 100 points (= 1 carat).  Prices jump when a gem weighs over 1 ct., 2 ct., etc.  Stones often look similar a few points under 1 carat.  Better or best quality diamonds go up from there!  I choose stones that "face up" beautifully.  No one walks around with a loop looking at peoples hands, like the diamond police!  Stay in your comfort zone financially and we can get you something great.

Metal to use?  Is most of their jewelry platinum?  Is it 14K yellow gold?  18K white gold?  Generally you want to match what they already wear or like. Look for the stamp inside a few pieces of their jewelry.  Just knowing a preference of white or yellow is helpful.  Rose gold is coming on strong currently.  Traditionally, high quality jewelry is made of 18K gold or platinum.  Platinum is the most expensive with a feeling like velvet on your finger.  18K white gold is second from there in white metals.  14K white may be a good option for an athlete, as it is harder that 18K.

WHAT RING DESIGN ATTRACTS YOU?  With the above answered, here is where the catalog of my styles is fantastic as a resource.  Many times a style will jump out at you, "That is Amanda!"  That is Drew!"  Easy.  If there are a few, I can put design aspects together and make a new statement.  Also, if your beloved leaves pictures around... scan them and send them to me!  I've made custom jewelry for 40 years.  970-927-0747 or office@scottkeating.com.

That's the starting point!  You've made enough decisions for me to recommend a ring.  See ...you did fine.