Why Make a Custom Ring? Posted on 7 Feb 13:42 , 56 comments

There are so many jewelers out there, why design something different??   If you want to dispel any myths... commission a piece.

TAKE THE QUIZ! How to order the bridal jewelry YOU WANT best online Posted on 18 Dec 18:37 , 34 comments

TAKE THE QUIZ!  Don't leap.  Get what you want.  I can help you.

How Can I Size My Ring Finger At Home? Posted on 2 Nov 13:13 , 24 comments

Recently, our niece who is in love with an Irish farmer and lives outside Dublin, wanted me to make her fiancé's wedding band.  They had visited earlier in the year and I had sized his ring finger to be a 10. Why did I have second thoughts about my notes? Yet, I had a hunch. I couldn't show up at the wedding in Ireland with him unable to get his band on in front of all of his friends and family!  Disaster, right? 

Like so many of my customers living all over the world who go into a jewelry store to get their fingers sized for me to make a ring, the fiancé's size was way off!!! Why?  Fine jewelry stores, with the best reputations, size fingers using vastly different methods.  Here I was... a jewelry designer, no less, in the same spot!  I was tired of all the mistakes and re-dos with high stress.  The hunt was on to make ring sizing fool proof and easy for everyone concerned, no matter where they live.

I found this card ring sizer that I sent to Ireland.  My nephew-to-be punched out all of the plastic rings around size 10.  He turned out to be a size 14!!!  That's Irish potatoes for you. 

The methods of wrapping a piece of paper around your finger to size it, generally fails!  Sending me another ring is troublesome, if the band is different from the new ring to follow and on and on it goes.  This plastic card solves all of the problems as the client can decide for themselves how they like their rings to fit.

Give me a call, and I'll send you this card for a RIGHT fit every time.   


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Many families grapple with how to disseminate inheritance.  It isn't easy to stave off bad feelings.  Simply giving the eldest the first choice or the most expensive jewels seems out of step with today's values.  Olwen's sensitivity really captured the possibilities.

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The Tuscon Gem & Mineral Fair lends inspiration!