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Scott Keating Jewelry is a bespoke design studio and retail boutique established in the 1970's.  Scott has developed a reputation of creating award-winning contemporary classics.  THE VIEWPOINTS COLLECTION is featured on this site with a romance all its own. In Scott's own words, "I designed these styles to be an embracing union of two forms, the circle within a square symbolizing the connection between two people."
Scott was a bored engineering student who discovered one jewelry class and got hooked!  He moved to Aspen to find his bliss and the rest is, well, his wonderful life. 
Gathering inspiration in his own backyard!
His abiding love of nature in Colorado has turned his jewelry into an ECO minded product as a world citizen.  Each piece of jewelry is made by hand, designed using non-conflict diamonds and ethically mined precious metals.
Get to know more about Scott and his gorgeous, customizable jewelry.  Not only will you get jewelry reflecting your true nature but the experience of working with an artist who gives you security and fine service
Take it from Taylor Swift and Queen Latifah!